"Hi, I'm Robert Luis Rivera, and I am a "Bully Prevention Expert"

Robert Luis Rivera's Bio:

Robert Luis Rivera's main focus of his martial arts career has always to keep his students safe by guiding his students in a direction of safety, discipline, focus, control and the necessary technical skills one may need one day. Robert's skill set is vast within the martial arts community with obtaining his black belt masters level status in Kali (Filipino Martial Arts), specializing in combat/survival tactics, self-defense, bully prevention programs for men, women, and children. https://www.youube.com/watch?v=mQ62EM8OMtU Go to our website- https://www.amaa.us.

Robert Luis Rivera's Experience:

Robert Luis Rivera's Interests & Activities:

Robert Luis Rivera had endured a bully issue at a very young age and after that, his only interest was to make sure that he would never have to experience a nightmare such as that. Robert was fortunate to have a family who stood by him and molded Robert into the young man he is today. His father gave him the love for being a Marine and also taught Robert the art of boxing. Robert's uncle George, gave Robert the interest in music and voice, in which Robert has been singing ever since he can talk. Robert Luis Rivera's uncle TI, gave him the world of martial arts and the art of chess, which began started as a small spark and was cultivated into the roaring fire, till today. Robert's uncle Bob gave him the world of building and repairing things, although that never grabbed Robert's interest, he truly loved all his family interests and values. Robert Luis Rivera is the owner of a martail arts school and due to this venture he has also delved into the world of marketing, sales, graphic designing, video editing, website design, and management. Robert has been very fortunate to have students and friends who are always interested in giving business advice, while they are themselves are very successful in the business world. One imparticular is his brother and life long friend Jeff who has always been there for him.